I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 24. - 26.2.1953 

5610   Satan’s nature .... Fall and redemption ....

The extremely vast distance from Me by the one who once rebelled against Me, the all enlivening strength, has also tremendously reduced the effect of strength, and thus the spiritual substance, which was once full of life and strength, deprived itself of strength and finally turned into the hardest substance, because even spiritual substance hardens if it is so infinitely far away from Me that it is no longer affected by My strength of love. The process of hardening of spiritual substance is synonymous with the emergence of earthly matter which, due to My will, took on shape. Thus all of creation is fundamentally such hardened substance, My once emanated spiritual strength which nevertheless originated from Me as something supremely perfected in essence .... This perfect spiritual substance was constantly permeated by My strength of love and thereby able to create and work without limitation like Me.

I Am the original source of strength and everything in existence depends on this source of strength. Nothing apart from Me exists with independent strength at its disposal, and thus a detachment from Me and My strength also means complete disintegration, since it would not be possible to receive a flow of strength from anywhere else. However, a separation from Me is not possible either, because My strength cannot cease for eternity and is eternally indivisible too; but what emerged from My strength is able to distance itself infinitely far away, and distance means that the strength loses its effect, thus the far-removed substance remains motionless and compacts into solid substance, into matter, which thus is hardened spiritual substance without the ability to be active because it has left the emanation field of My strength of love.

This, therefore, is the fate of the fallen spiritual substance which is furthest away from Me and yet will eternally not cease to exist .... Fundamentally, however, it is nevertheless something of substance which once was intelligent to the highest degree, possessed awareness and free will and yet, due to its fall, lost all evidence of its divinity. Through My will these spiritual beings dissolved into countless minute particles in order to gradually come together again after they have achieved a certain degree of maturity or purification by means of a healing process which I recognised as successful .... Thus I bound the once free spirits which had been created by My first-created being and the use of My strength .... But what has become of this first-created being?

Since its fall this being has been wandering about to and fro as a spark of strength trying to use its remaining strength to illuminate everything My will has taken away from it .... not to enliven it but to increase its own strength in order to surpass Me Myself, that is, My strength .... The spiritual substance constrained by My will does not react to this illumination simply because it is not giving it life .... But as soon as it becomes the entity again after the infinitely long path through creation, when the individual minute particles have gathered again and as a unit embodies itself in the human form and thereby regains its self-awareness, it will respond again to the endeavours of the first-created being, My opposing spirit. It allows itself to be blinded by the spark, for this spark does not illuminate, it is just a deceptive light that dazzles the eye in order to obscure its view completely .... just as his strength became ineffective due to the apostasy, due to the infinitely vast distance from Me. But his essence remains, he has not lost his self-awareness, and therefore he is still able to influence equally self-aware beings, thus his essence can thoroughly permeate the human being without, however, thereby being limited to just one human being.

Hence he is able to exercise his influence wherever people intentionally turn to him due to their disposition and who thus increase his strength through unison with him .... He only uses his remaining strength to work against Me, he constantly tries to elevate himself with the help of people who submit themselves to him. Thus, this opposing spirit is indeed quite obviously active, he is also able to quite obviously dominate a person, yet only as long as the person is to take his test of will on earth ....

If he has achieved his aim to win people over for himself then he nevertheless has merely aided the hardening of spiritual substance again and forfeited his strength, so that he himself will also be completely lifeless as soon as he is no longer able to cling to people who provide him with their energy of life .... And this is the case when a period of Salvation approaches its end, when he has drawn the majority of people into the abyss and the others are completely devoted to Me. Then he himself will be completely deprived of his strength, then he, too, will be in a constrained state, he will be chained .... until he is able to tempt people in the same manner once more, until people themselves get to the state again that they increase his strength, until they more or less loosen his chains themselves all over again as a result of their wrong will for matter, which submits to My adversary’s will and thus raises his position of power once more, which becomes ever more evident in every period of Salvation the closer it gets to the end. For this reason every period of Salvation will start in peaceful harmony as a true paradise on earth and end with satanic activity until even the last spiritual being has been taken away from My adversary, until he himself is so weak that he will ask for strength from Me .... until he himself will return to Me into his Father’s house .... which he once had left of his own free will.


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