I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 21.03.1953 

5632   Surrendering the will to God ....

Offer yourselves as a sacrifice to the Lord, passively hand yourselves over to Him .... desire that His will shall also be yours, that you no longer feel any kind of resistance in you, that you are totally devoted to Him .... This complete surrender of your will to God’s will assures right thinking, right wanting and right doing .... But as soon as you harbour the slightest resistance you also divert, if only imperceptibly, from that which is God’s will, because this very resistance creates the foundation where God’s adversary can be active. It is thus an act of greatest effort if the human being is to relinquish his own will and completely subordinate himself to divine will .... which, however, will always be easily achievable the more love becomes active in a person, for to be lovingly active is already coming into close contact with the eternal Love, it is unifying-oneself with It and thus simultaneously abandoning one’s own will. This is why someone who lives a life of love no longer opposes God, it draws him to God, he humbly gives himself to the One Who created him, he know no resistance, no disobedience to God, he only ever endeavours to comply with Him.

In that case he has no will of his own any longer because he is permeated by the love of God, Whose will now works in him, since through love the spiritual unity has taken place. Thus love is the most certain feeling that the human being lives within God’s will .... and that is why you need only ever be mindful about practising love .... whatever you do should only be determined by love, your heart should be soft and tolerant, gentle and whole-heartedly humble, and helpful towards every human being .... In every human being you should see your neighbour, your brother, because you are all children of one Father; you should let neither anger nor bitterness arise in you, but know that everything will approach you as is beneficial for your change, for your perfection. What is wicked in your environment shall become good through you, your love shall be the weapon you use against your enemies. You should never fight evil with evil but do good to those who do not mean you well. Then your bond with the eternal Love will become ever firmer, then you live within God’s will, then His will has also become yours, then you have offered yourselves as a sacrifice by voluntarily having surrendered your resistance and acknowledged Him as your Lord, as your God and Father of eternity, to Whom you gave yourselves completely ....


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