I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 17.05.1953 

5678a   Fulfilment of predictions .... Preceding disaster .... I.

The time is fulfilled, everything points to the end .... yet only the people who strive towards Me can see the signs, for their eyes are turned heavenwards, and thus they also receive enlightenment from above and don’t doubt that now will come to pass what seers and prophets have foretold on My instructions. What seems self-evident to them is completely implausible to the worldly person, they look at things with different eyes than those who only see the world and therefore also only live for the world and its pleasures, and whose spirit will grow progressively darker the closer it gets to the end. And for all these people an event will still happen before the end which certainly could change their thoughts, which could make them stop and think, if only they had a little good will! I still want to reveal Myself in advance, although even then they still won’t have to recognise Me .... Once again they shall lose that which they greedily aspire to, their earthly possessions shall be destroyed and taken away from them again, yet by a power which they cannot hold accountable for it .... I want to manifest Myself through the elements of nature in order to save them .... Where there is still a spark of faith in a person there is also an opportunity for salvation, for he can still turn his thoughts to Me in the last hour and call upon Me for help .... and even if he loses his mortal life .... this call will be heard and his faith will be rewarded to him in the kingdom of the beyond, where he will find help .... I only want to see an acknowledging thought and My hand will extend itself to everyone, in order to demonstrate Myself to him at last. I truly make it easy for you to believe in Me if only you would put it to the test by calling upon Me in spirit and in truth. And therefore I will make a final attempt to save them, to save those who have not yet entirely fallen prey to My adversary.

I will let the earth tremble and every hope of earthly rescue vanish .... And where no help is possible anymore I alone can still provide rescue, for nothing is impossible for Me .... And anyone who, in utmost crisis, remembers his childlike faith, who makes this final attempt to call upon Me, will truly not regret it .... He will be saved for time and eternity, since losing his earthly life will then only be a blessing if the soul still ascends in the spiritual kingdom. Although the forces of nature are not always regarded as an expression of My power and strength, yet mortal fear occasionally gives rise to different thoughts than the human being would otherwise have, he can recognise Me in an instant and therefore also call upon Me for help. Yet this never applies to the word which is merely voiced by the mouth, if the heart is not involved .... The time is fulfilled, but prior to this will come to pass what I proclaimed to you and repeatedly proclaim again .... an unusual natural event, which is intended to remind you of the end that will follow soon afterwards. I constantly admonish and caution you to take notice of My Words, and I draw your attention to the signs of the time, yet I cannot force you to accept My Words as truth .... however, commit them to your memory, so that they will remind you of the One Who speaks to you and Who truly only wants what is best for you, Who wants to rescue you from the abyss towards which those of you, who are completely devoid of faith, are heading ....


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