I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 25.01.1954 

5862   Divine guidance ....

I will lead you all by My hand if you don’t resist Me and allow yourselves to be led .... Thus anyone who wants Me to be his companion, who does not oppose My will, can also rest assured that he will be guided right by Me, that he will not take the wrong path and that he will safely reach his goal. I expect nothing else from you but your submission to Me, that you want to be My Own, that you acknowledge Me as your God and Father and are willing to do what is right before My eyes. This will alone is enough for Me to lead you by the hand until you have reached the end of your earthly life, until you enter the spiritual kingdom in order to live in eternity. I want to give you eternal life .... And you will only be able to live if you are permeated by the strength of My love .... My strength of love takes hold of everything that offers no resistance .... And thus you will also understand why I expect your submission to Me, for then My strength of love can flow into you and awaken you to life. You cannot be spiritually dead anymore when you are permeated by My strength of love .... And you cannot be without the strength of My love if you hand yourselves over to Me, that is, if you join Me voluntarily .... The will to unite with Me is the guarantee that I will take possession of you and never let go of you again ..... For this will once turned away from Me and caused your fall into the abyss, your loss of light and strength .... If you now grant Me your will again it will also assuredly give you light and strength again. And everyone wanting to come to Me will reach his goal, whichever path he takes ....

I value your resolve and will also walk next to you, forever taking care that you will enter into eternal life. But anyone directing his will to Me also perceives his own inadequacy which lets him become humble...He senses His distance from Me and would want to overcome it .... he makes an effort to do My will, he tries to shape himself according to My will because he realises that his imperfection prevents him from reaching Me, from uniting himself with Me forever .... And because he feels that he is too weak he appeals to Me for strength .... And I give, because My love always wants to give itself and because such will demonstrated by My earthly child makes Me extremely happy for it signifies the final return to Me. As soon as the thought of his own inadequacy has awakened in the human being I will also help him to reform himself, and as soon as he joins Me voluntarily by handing himself over to Me, My strength of love will take effect on him and lead to success.

And this is why everyone will reach his goal who strives towards Me, everyone who allows himself to be led without resistance will take the right path and need never fear to go wrong, for anyone who entrusts himself to Me builds on a firm foundation ....


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