I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 08.06.1954 

5972   Apparent calm .... Exceptional strength .... The coming of the Lord ....

I want to reward your loyalty to Me, which you demonstrate during the last days before the end, with an exceptional influx of strength so that even the most difficult situation will seem bearable to you, so that you will be capable of persevering until I Myself come to fetch you. You will manifestly experience your Father’s love, feel My presence and therefore come to Me with every problem .... You will remain so closely connected to Me that you will expect the end fearlessly and certain of victory and only think in a spiritual way, that is, you will regard all experiences in view of your spiritual development and, therefore, also understand why everything that you experience has to happen. Then you will see how easy even the most difficult fate can be if you travel your path with Me .... This is why no-one need fear the last days if he feels connected to Me, wants to belong to Me and never excludes Me in every undertaking. World events will run their course .... calm will seem to have been restored, yet it is only the calm before the storm which will befall earth when it is least expected. For Satan will cause havoc amongst the human race and will not rest until he has turned everything upside down, until he has succeeded in confusing people to such an extent that they will increasingly turn against each other, that they will violently confront each other, excel each other in heartlessness and thereby give him great power which he will truly exploit in a frightening manner. And My Own will be particularly attacked by him, because he will incite people into persecuting you for the sake of your faith .... This will alarm and frighten My Own, yet as soon as they merely remember Me they will receive the necessary strength and go into battle, for they will know that they are fighting for Me but that I lead the way as their commander-in-chief, that they are fighting on My side and that they cannot lose the battle even if they are far outnumbered by the enemy. Anyone who wants to remain faithful to Me will also be able to do so, for I will not abandon him and he will truly not come away empty-handed if he appeals to Me for strength and support; for if a person’s will belongs to Me he is already My Own, and I will never let him fall into My adversary’s clutches again. You humans can safely count on a difficult time ahead of you which will require all your strength .... Yet you will not be left without warning, time and again you will be informed from above and when you see how everything I foretold you comes true you can already draw strength from it .... Your faith will grow increasingly stronger and thus you will also confidently expect My coming .... and truly not in vain, for once the earthly adversity threatens to become unbearable I will snatch you from your enemies’ hands and take you away .... They will not gain victory over you, for I will bind My adversary and all those who are enslaved by him .... as it is proclaimed in Word and Scripture ....


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