I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 16.09.1954 

6054   Fate in the beyond corresponds to thoughts and wishes on earth ....

Your thoughts and wishes on this earth will be your fate in the spiritual kingdom after the death of your body. If you searched for light and truth on this earth, light will be waiting for you over there .... if you preferred the darkness because earthly matter had deluded you, then you will stay in dark surroundings over there too, in a realm where you feel unhappy for lack of light. Yet it will happen in accordance with your will .... Light is constantly made available to you on earth and the path to eternal life is clearly and brightly illuminated, you need only enter it to find the kingdom of light after the death of your body .... If, however, you escape the light, if you walk the dark path, then you can only arrive in dark regions too ....

You humans occupy yourselves very little indeed with what happens to you after your physical death .... You dismiss such thoughts from your mind when they occur to you, you constantly turn towards the world and its matter, and since this is transient you cannot take it with you into the spiritual realm. If material goods are your only riches on earth you will indeed arrive poor and naked in the spiritual kingdom .... Why do you not gather possessions on earth which are long-lasting, which accompany you on your way into the beyond ....why do you only lust after the transient possessions of this world?

The consequences of your way of life are presented to you time after time, your attention is drawn to your fate after your departure from this earth .... yet you pay little attention to the warnings and reprimands, you scrupulously carry on living from day to day even though you could be called to your final resting place tomorrow .... And then you will receive what you desired on earth .... light or darkness .... you can’t be given anything else but what you acquired during your life on earth. Consequently, as long as you live on earth think of the time after your death, think of your soul which is immortal and whose fate in the beyond you prepare while you live on earth .... strive towards the light on earth and create your soul’s happiness in the spiritual realm ....


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