I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 17.11.1954 

6111   ‘Fear not ....’

Don’t fear, only believe .... Nothing will frighten you, nothing will oppress you if only you believe firmly and unshakeably .... And thus, a strong faith can mean an easier earthly life for you, for then you will not fear anything and you can walk along untroubled, your thoughts always turned towards the One Who will help you in every adversity .... You should be inwardly firmly convinced that you have a Father in heaven Who is watching over His children and will not leave them in difficulty, because He loves His children .... This firm conviction is already the assurance that this is so .... And what indeed could be more powerful than your Father in heaven?

No human being on earth and no being of darkness can resist Him, and therefore you need not fear that anyone on earth or any dark being would be able to harm you if you believe in God’s greater than great love and the protection He has promised you. For His Words are: ‘Come unto Me all ye that labour .... Ask, and it shall be given, knock, and it shall be opened .... Lift up your eyes to Me, Who will bring you help ....’ If you succeed in making the Words of His love your own, if you feel addressed by the Father yourselves, then you will no longer oppose them with doubt and faithfully wait until help will arrive .... There is nothing He cannot ward off .... there is nothing impossible for Him .... And thus there is always a solution, even if you cannot foresee one yourself .... He will truly find the means; He will find a way out of every adversity .... Contemplate these Words deep within your heart until all doubt has vanished, until you entrust yourselves to Him without fear and wait patiently .... For His love is for you, His children, and this love will never end ....


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