I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 09.12.1954 

6130   Reason for Christ’s birth .... Act of mercy ....

Full of mercy I looked down to earth upon the enslaved human race .... I saw their immense adversity, nevertheless, even though it was self-inflicted I also saw people’s great weakness whose burden had put such pressure on them that they were no longer able to get up by themselves .... And My love became so powerful that it wanted to bring help to the suffering human race .... My love was so great that I Myself descended to Earth in order to liberate people from their burden of sin and to open the path to Me again for them. My coming down to Earth was an act of love and mercy by your Creator and Father of eternity .... I wanted to bring peace to people, Salvation .... I wanted to enable them to enjoy light and strength again which they had lost due to the sin of their past rebellion against Me .... Humanity was so steeped in darkness that it was no longer capable of finding its way out since it was also totally powerless .... It was in a state of utter wretchedness, for they were held captive by a lord who exerted control over them, who had no intention of ever setting them free again .... But I was also entitled to you because you once emerged from My strength of love .... And I will not give up My entitlement .... I was ready to fight for you against My adversary and I came to Earth not because the Deity but love wanted to wage this battle which subsequently embodied itself in a human being .... thus, to a certain extent, a human being took up the battle against the adversary, Who only used love as a weapon .... hence love waged the battle .... Love motivated Me to descend to Earth in order to take abode in Jesus, the man .... Whose soul was utterly devoted to Me, Who aspired towards union with Me with all His heart and mind, Who sheltered the soul of light in Himself which wanted to help its fallen brothers to return to the Father, to higher spheres again in order to be happy .... That which had remained perfect wanted to help those who had become imperfect attain perfection again .... Love Itself wanted to use Itself in order to bring freedom to the enslaved people .... For this reason I Myself came down to Earth, this is why I no longer closed My ears to the calls of distress which raised up to Me from Earth, I came as the Saviour and Redeemer in order to bring peace to everyone of good will .... For the time had come when humanity had sunk so low that it had to be helped were it not to completely fall prey to ruin. And thus came to pass what had long been announced before .... The light came to Earth and shone into the darkness .... But the darkness did not comprehend it and there were only a few who recognised it as the Saviour Who was sent from above in order to redeem humanity and to bring peace to all people of good will ....


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