I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 02.10.1962 

6352   Paradisiacal condition on the new Earth.

I will again make the Earth into a place of Peace where Love alone reigns, where there is no enemy, where all creatures live together in harmony and happiness, where the Love of mankind shines out to touch the still bound spirituality. There men will help their fellowmen, physically and spiritually, and I Myself as Eternal Love can dwell among them. Nothing that is negative can obscure My presence.

It is My Will that the Earth serves to bring mankind to the highest maturity. Many will leave this Earth fulfilled because they have become closely united with Me and are no longer burdened by original sin. If they are redeemed through Jesus Christ on Earth they can be placed on the new Earth. Their being removed from the old Earth be fore the days of judgment will be a proof that they belong to Me. They found union with Me on the old Earth, be- coming free of all burdens and desires, so that I can place them on the new Earth.

A new redemption period will begin which will at first bring many souls to maturity because My opponent is bound and cannot oppress these souls. They have willingly surrendered their resistance and have become My Own. They will live on this new Earth for the sake of the succeeding generations, because they can witness to My Power and Majesty. They will be able to speak of their own experiences, about the situations on the old Earth. They will be able to speak about My Love to their descendants. Their children and children’s children will also be filled with Love. Thus their soul will not be far from their original state. They will be conceived in pure unselfish Love, because My opponent has no influence on those who live on the new Earth.

Love is the power, which can truly speed up the maturing of souls. It can help bound spirituality out of its form, so that it will give up its resistance and advance according to My Will. This condition will continue for a long time. In this period many of the fallen spirits will return completed, to Me. In that day I will win many children. Then, their happiness as well as My own will know no bounds, because I know that all who have fallen will return to Me. My Everlasting plan of salvation shall be successful.

Yet this condition on the new Earth will change again. More and more souls, who have gone through the Earth creation, will be incarnated, and the tendency for the material will break through again. At first only scarcely but later it will increase more and more, and the desire of people for material things will loosen the chains of My opponent, because men will not resist him. But My Love will still help those spirituals continually. There will again be a struggle for souls, and the free will of men must decide which master will be victorious over them.

That generation will also be told about Jesus Christ, the Divine Redeemer. They will therefore not be left helplessly to My opponent, but will surrender their resistance because their faith in Me, as God and Creator is still strong enough. I will also exert My influence on them through the voice of conscience.

However, it will not be that paradise-like situation anymore. There will be an inner battle for man, and the temptations of My opponent will not fall to come. The struggle for existence will increase. It will be more tolerable for those who remain faithful to Me and develop their Love. Then, My messengers of Light will also support them, partly influencing men spiritually, partly incarnated as man among them, if they will only yield and stay constantly in contact with Me.

As long as Love reigns people will make progress in their maturity. As long as Love rules My influence on people will be strong. Then backsliding to the depths need not be feared. For My opponent the fight against Love is in vain.


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