I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 27.08.1956 

6629   Final rescue attempts .... People’s low level ....

And even if an angel descended from heaven bringing the Gospel to people, they would not believe it .... for their wilful rejection is so strong in the last days, My adversary’s power over humanity and their distance from Me is so great, that they will be unable to feel or perceive anything Divine; because they are so earth-bound that they are incapable of moving into spiritual spheres and thus everything of a spiritual nature will either be declined or disputed. This is such a distinct sign of the approaching end, and precisely because of this attitude I will bring about the end, since no further development is possible on this earth anymore given that people won’t change, instead they are growing ever more worldly and ever more unsuitable for spiritual emanations. Consequently, it becomes increasingly more difficult to proclaim My Gospel to people, it becomes increasingly more difficult to change their way of thinking and to open their hearts for My Word, since they don’t recognise it as My Word and thus close their ears .... but they thereby also reject the means by which they could be helped and raised from below. Only very rarely will someone listen, and only very rarely will the Word be accepted by a heart and also recognised as a divine gift ....

And for the sake of these few I will not intervene earlier but wait for the day that has been determined since eternity, although humanity has already reached the degree of low level which calls for an end .... But every individual soul that I can still gain is worth this delay, I will helpfully stand by every individual soul of good will and let it find the path to the messengers of My Word. But there will just be a few, and the time will soon be fulfilled, the signs pointing to the end will soon increase, and the hour of Judgment will soon strike for all people .... At a time when My adversary gives the orders, because people have joined him, My servants’ work on earth will be particularly difficult and even often unsuccessful, and yet it has to be done, for no-one shall be able to say that they didn’t receive any blessings from Me .... Every person shall sooner or later have been addressed by Me, and every person’s path will be crossed by one of My messengers, only that this messenger can either be entirely ignored or his gifts declined .... but this is always determined by the person’s own will. And this will has to be offered possibilities to be tested, which thus also includes the presentation of My Word, which can never be forcibly imparted to a person.

And likewise, hard-hearted people will often still be affected by alarming events, and even then they often will still be able to soften their hearts, for I will continue to attempt to bring deliverance to people until the very last day. I will not let anyone fall before the end but I will be unable to delay the end beyond the time determined by My plan of eternity as not to let the souls of the lost fall even lower, in order to spare them an even more painful fate than the renewed banishment into the creations of the new earth, which therefore has to take place at the designated time.

And I truly know what benefits people’s souls, and I also know how to protect them from the worst .... My servants on earth, however, will receive the strength from Me so that they, despite an apparent lack of success, will nevertheless work diligently in My vineyard, for no work will ever be done in vain; and one day they will also recognise it themselves and be happy that their work to improve the souls has contributed towards the souls’ redemption, because My blessing rests on all work which is gladly and joyfully done for Me and My kingdom ....


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