I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 14.07.1958 

7165   The right Father-child relationship ....

Except ye become as little children, ye shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven ....’ It is an odd statement that I expected you to become children, after all, I gave you a whole lifetime, from infancy to old age, so that you shall mature on earth. However, you should not use a child’s deficiency and lack of understanding as an example but the childlike trust towards the Father, which makes My Fatherly heart receptive, which I will not reject, which opens the kingdom of heaven for you .... It is the truly childlike faith which a child places into its Father, the trusting pleas which ensure that I will grant them; it is the humility of a child which can therefore receive an abundance of blessings. And can any love ever be more pure and unselfish than that of the child for its Father? A child does not first intellectually assess the feelings it has for the Father; it is driven by its heart to the Father and only the heart takes the direct path to Me and completely hands itself over to Me. And where the heart of a person is moved by such love, My Word is confirmed, for he will truly enter My kingdom, because I will never ever let go of him again, I will draw the child to My heart and bestow eternal life upon it in blissful happiness .... Furthermore, My Words are intended to tell you that you humans will hardly reach your goal on earth by using intellectual thinking .... that therefore increasing adulthood, the fulfilment of life or even intellectual conclusions cannot replace the childlike love for Me .... that the right kind of relationship with Me must be that of a child with its Father, for this relationship includes everything needed for the attainment of psychological maturity: Love, humility and complete submission to My will .... But how many people establish this heartfelt relationship with Me .... how many are capable of calling upon Me in their heart as a Father Who takes care of His child with burning love and helps it in every adversity and danger .... And how few take hold of Me with their childlike love and thereby inextricably chain Me to themselves. These people, however, have acquired the kingdom of heaven, for it automatically comes to those in whom I can dwell, drawn by the love of My child. And thus you will understand that I do not regard those who are great, instead, I bend down to those who are small; that I do not value what the human being achieves or has achieved with his human abilities and their training, instead, I only look into his heart as such, and that every ray of love I discover therein is pleasing to Me, for this ray of love has nothing to do with human abilities, it was solely kindled through the heartfelt bond with Me, which characterises the right Father-child relationship. And therefore only a ‘true child’ will take possession of My kingdom, as I have promised through My Word ....


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