I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 14.01.1959 

7255   Scrutiny of spiritual values for divine origin ....

You can only receive spiritual food directly from Me, therefore everything offered to you as ‘spiritual nourishment’ has to be scrutinised for its origin. Indeed all presenters of the divine Word claim to offer the pure truth from Me but in that case all presenters would also teach the same, there should be no different schools of thought or denominations all of which, however, differ from each other in their teachings. Consequently it is absolutely necessary to examine which teachings can be traced back to Me as the originator. And that requires thinking about .... which is not to say that thinking alone results into an undisputed judgment because that too might lead to different results of thought .... intelligence alone is therefore not decisive for the judgment of the claim of truth in spiritual values. But at least the desire for truth is a step forward, given that the human being actually thinks about whether he was offered the truth or a misleading notion.

Then the will for truth ensures his correct reasoning during the ‘investigation’ for truth, the person begins to critically review what is offered to him. And such a review is necessary because misguided spiritual values do not have the sanctifying strength to heal the soul so that it can fully mature and feed itself with the food it needs. A misguided doctrine is not the right food for the soul, on the contrary, it can even contribute that the soul remains ailing and weak and yet does nothing to recover .... because the human being simply fails to notice that he is given unsuitable nourishment. Hence spiritual food has to originate from the kingdom to which the soul should return one day because it is only a guest on this earth to become suitable for the spiritual kingdom. Therefore it has to become suitable by way of food and drink, by way of nourishment which helps it to achieve a certain maturity of soul. And this maturity in turn is necessary to enter the realm of light, which is the soul’s true home but which requires the soul to be in a state which it must first accomplish on earth.

And now I Am offering the right food, and blessed are those who accept the heavenly bread directly from My hands, blessed are those, who do not look elsewhere for nourishment, blessed are those, who drink from the source and refresh themselves for their pilgrim’s journey across the earth. Their souls will mature with certainty and become suitable for the spiritual kingdom .... but not the souls of those who accept misguided values, whose nourishment is impure and can no longer claim to have been given by My hand. They will not derive much healing power from the food they accept and would do well to retrace the river’s flow to discover whether it leads to the right source .... whether I Myself Am the provider of what they are offered. And now they much rather take their nourishment from the source. Now the human being is no longer satisfied with a diluted teaching, now he can also judge for himself what is beneficial for the development of his soul because he can sense the truth when he is given strengthening food and stimulating drink, the truth which he previously could barely feel.

The soul which is ailing and wants to get well needs healthy and strengthening nourishment. And no soul walking across the earth is fully mature; each one needs support, it needs food and drink which enlivens and restores it, which returns it to the state it once was but which can only be guaranteed by My hand .... when the human being takes the direct path to Me and now allows himself to accept food and drink from Me. Then the soul will recover, it will approach its perfection because what is given by Me can only be a blessing for the soul .... because My love wants to help the soul to get the life which it will never lose again ....


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