Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1081 04.09.1939

Cloud formation in the sky ....
Christ's suffering and death ....

God, Lord of heaven and earth, will give you a visible sign to testify of His power and glory .... This has been preordained since eternity and will be revealed so obviously that you will marvel at this expression of divine omnipotence and love.

Insubstantial though this little cloud in the sky may appear; it nevertheless harbours a life comparable to that comprising your being. And God will guide this life in accordance with His will too and will therefore arrange this cloud-formation with wise intention in such a way that the Lord's suffering and death can be easily recognised, and you will identify the One on the cross Whom the world wants to deny .... you will either be seized by horror or shout with joy, depending on whether you reject Him or harbour Him in your heart. The latter will pause in prayer whilst the former, being distant from Jesus Christ, will want to forget this image. And this is what the Lord wants .... He wants to give human beings a sign of His mercy and love to assist their faith .... to either resurrect faith in Jesus Christ as Saviour of the world if they have lost it, or to cause the same to grow into unyielding strength. And humanity will yet again try to disprove this wonder of divine love; it will interpret it as an appearance formed by chance and without meaning .... and will want to dismiss divine providence.

Yet, defying all human explanation, the formation in the sky will remain unchanged for the entire world to view .... And thus even the people whose opinion prohibits any belief in mystical phenomena will become thoughtful. The time has come when humanity can be offered unusual appearances without coercion into faith, because humanity's thinking has become so dispassionate that they will explain every appearance rationally, i.e. intellectually, no matter how curious it is, denying all spiritual intercession by unknown powers ....

And thus humanity's free will is no longer endangered by such appearances .... indeed, scientific explanations are far more acceptable than a statement that the formation is a sign from above. And again, only those who aspire towards God and are living in love will recognise this visible act of the eternal Deity; and therefore, once again, the grace of divine love will be presented to people which only few will recognise as such.

The Lord will briefly stop natural law and precisely this should make the scientist think, but when the desire to recognise pure truth is absent even the stars can leave their usual path and the sun lose its shine, it would not bend the hardened will of the human being, he would simply try harder to ascertain the laws of nature and thus ultimately deviate further still from true knowledge. Hence this sign, extraordinary as it may be, will indeed be a direct gift of grace but only for someone whose heart recognises the wonder of the appearance or starts to think about it. However, someone who makes no use of this gift of grace, who coldly views this phenomenon in the sky without any attempt to draw his conclusions will merely regard it as blind chance of an exceptional nature. His heart is not yet compassionate and therefore not yet receptive for deeper wisdom either ....



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