Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1742 17.12.1940

My commission ....
Help the needy ....

Accept in all humility every gift offered to you from above, then you fulfil God's will and serve Him. What He has intended for you merely requires your unlimited devotion to Him and your will to obey Him. Countless souls on earth are struggling for knowledge, they cannot find the way to God alone and urgently require help. And you shall take that help to them by bringing God's love and kindness, which expresses itself so obviously, to their attention. And as you give so you may receive. And your soul will be able to receive ample nourishment and need never starve. The bread from heaven will never be withdrawn from you as long as you feed the needy. Time and again it will give you renewed strength and always and forever make you happy. Barren and dry is the earth without the living water, empty and joyless the life of the soul without refreshment from heaven. And you shall help these souls: offer them the refreshing drink and take every opportunity to distribute God's precious gift because it will remedy a great need. Truth will be spread, the light will shine brightly and in turn attract souls seeking to escape the darkness. And God will bless your effort, He will give you strength to carry out your mission, He will guide you in your task and provide you with all the help you need to work for Him ....



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