Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1750 25.12.1940

Establishing spiritual contacts on earth ....
Help from the beings in the beyond ....

The inhabitants of the spiritual world are inconceivably active and accomplish their task with such dedication and perseverance that it will lead to success. Time and again they approach the people entrusted to their care and try to induce them into asking questions in order to subsequently be able to convey the answer mentally, and therefore it is of great importance that people use every opportunity to exchange their opinions. For only then will it be possible for the spiritual beings to move into action by inspiring people with questions and answers, that is, by whispering these mentally to them, so that ever deeper problems will be raised and thus enable the friends in the beyond to start with their instructions. Such exchange of thoughts can be incredibly successful, for it also stimulates a reflection on them afterwards, and the mental instructions can then be continued according to the desire for clarification. For this reason it will be extraordinarily gladly welcomed by these spiritual beings if a person's will always keeps making new spiritual contact, for all efforts on this side will be recognised in the world of the beyond and made instant use of, and then it will only depend on people's will to what extent they will then be open to instructions.

Threads from the beyond to earth are being constantly woven, and if an earthly child helps to establish such connections it makes the task of the beings in the beyond substantially easier, for the door to the heart needs to be slightly open, and this happens when a person has a question on his mind and expects an answer. Then the heart will carefully listen to the voice within itself, then the being in the beyond will be able to express itself and can expect to be heard as well. And if therefore the person takes advantage of every opportunity to discuss spiritual problems with his fellow human beings he helps at the same time to open the door of his heart and clears the way for these spiritual beings to the innermost part of the heart. This assistance is exceptionally significant since it can, after all, be the first incentive towards a complete transformation of thought .... From that time on the person can remain in heartfelt contact with the benevolent beings of the beyond and extensive information can be imparted to him by them if it is the person's will to know the truth and therefore listens to the whisperings of these beings, which now comply with their task with the most devoted dedication ....



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