Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 1823 21.02.1941

Eruptions ....
Diversity of stars ....

The natural law applicable to the universe .... is the indestructibility of everything in existence. Nothing can cease to exist instead, it can only ever change according to God's will. And this change, in turn, happens in the way that something becomes invisible in order to appear in a visible state elsewhere again. This law is inherent in even the tiniest work of creation, so that the apparent disintegration merely signifies a transformation of that which existed previously. Consequently, even large works of creation, such as stars, can take on different shapes; nevertheless, this process occurs over an extremely long time span, over thousands of years according to earthly time, so that they can never be observed by people, as far as it concerns the fundamental change of a work of creation. Then the eruptions of individual works of creation are mainly the cause for shaping new creations from similar creations of smaller dimensions. These new creations exhibit the same characteristics and composition as the work of creation they emerged from. Thus, in the vicinity of a sun stars always exist whose same substances and natural laws demonstrate their affiliation with this very sun. From a worldly point of view, the sun therefore cannot be anything else but an infinitely enlarged formation of the same composition as its surrounding planets, since these are works of creations which emerged from it. As a result, all these stars should also be populated with the same beings. But this is where enormous differences become obvious. Not one work of creation harbours the same living organisms as another, and therefore the external structure of each star differs as well, and always in relation to its living inhabitants. And this, in turn, also excludes the same material composition .... Hence, only the core of each star is the basic substance, the external cover, however, corresponds to the living beings assigned to it. Everything that exists within the vicinity of a sun has emerged from this sun, that is, it was spewed out by it, but from the moment of its independence it assumed the properties which correspond to the living beings to which this work of creation shall serve as an abode. The infinitely varying degrees of maturity of the still imperfect spiritual beings also necessitate infinitely many creations of different structures, and herein lies the reason for the diversity of the stars ....



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