Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2194 25.12.1941

Wisdom, light and strength are as one ....

Wisdom is strength, for knowledge is light and light and strength are as one. Anyone who is wise, who therefore can also share his knowledge, imparts the light which is the strength from God, because the receiver feels the flow as strength again. A person to whom knowledge is imparted will surpass himself, for the spiritual strength within him proliferates. Neither does it diminish thereafter, although the person shares it again. His knowledge will constantly grow, that is, one insight will follow another, and one clear picture after another will emerge in him where it was previously dark, thus a spiritual void .... A light has been kindled which can send its rays in all directions without losing its brilliance, but which can become a source of light if time and again it kindles new flames and thus banishes spiritual darkness where the light begins to shine. Once the human being has become knowledgeable, he will never allow this knowledge to lie fallow but he will always feel himself urged to share it, and thus the knowledge works as strength, for it impels the teacher into becoming active. Therefore, the knowledgeable beings in the beyond will likewise want to distribute this knowledge with increased vigour. At no time will the beings content themselves with having this knowledge themselves but will almost compete with each other to impart this knowledge.

And this is the effect of God's strength, which flows in the form of knowledge into everything that is receptive, be it the human being on earth or the entity in the beyond which enters the sphere of God's emanation of love and receives light and strength in the form of knowledge. That which comes forth from God will always stimulate activity, because God constantly generates life and everything alive is always active .... Spiritual life must therefore be a spiritual activity, it has to be a passing on of the flow of love and strength which originates in God as the source of strength and should penetrate everything which was previously weak and dark, that is, the beings which are lacking all knowledge about God and His working must be guided into this knowledge, because ignorance is a state of imperfection and misery, which shall be changed into a state of perfection and blissful happiness of realisation about God's might and glory. Consequently, knowledge signifies light and strength. The state of darkness will be expelled and changed into a state of light and at the same time enable the being to also banish the darkness in other beings and to bring them close to the light, and it will make use of this ability because it can't help itself but be incessantly active ....



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