Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2340 19.05.1942

Divine justice ....
Intervention ....
Disaster ....

Divine justice will become apparent by the very event which is destined to humanity in the forthcoming time, for the countries whose leaders start the blaze that will extend all across earth will be severely struck. The blame of these countries shall be revealed by the approaching event which human will can neither avoid nor lessen. All people on earth shall recognise that God's justice leaves nothing without punishment and that He intervenes once the measure of injustice has been reached.

God gave people free will which is now so abused that it requires retribution, so that righteously thinking and behaving people recognise the hand of God and despise what is sanctioned by the former. The conflict of nations will have spread wide and far and the fire will not be easily extinguished. As a result, God will end this blaze Himself by removing people's opportunity of continuing the struggle through a natural event of unimaginable extent. He will render powerless what previously was strong and mighty, and He will prove that His will and His might are stronger. And anyone who is not yet completely enslaved by God's adversary will also recognise where he has gone wrong and make an effort to lead a righteous way of life ....



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