Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2353 31.05.1942

False Christ's ....
Signs and miracles ....

False Christ's will arise and perform signs and miracles in My name .... This is what I announced to you ahead of time and My Words are true. Yet you try to explain these Words wrongly if you assume that the same power dwells within an evil force, an emissary of Satan, which made Me work signs and miracles during My life on earth. Heaven and Earth are at all times subject to My will, they are governed by My will, and this will of Mine upholds every creation, because a will that is contrary to Mine would signify the decline of everything I let arise if I granted him power over it. And yet, signs and miracles will be performed, but they only ever appear as such to those people who are his followers, for they are spiritually blind, they don't know the true correlation of all things, and they will consider everything as signs and miracles which seems extraordinary to them but which every human being would be able to accomplish by mustering all his willpower. You are all in possession of abilities which you need only develop in order to accomplish many things. Yet your weakness of will prevents you from developing your abilities, and therefore something seems to you a miracle which, however, is within the scope of possibility for every single person .... And thus all signs and miracles, which I mentioned to you, will be understandable to every enlightened person, yet those who still live in spiritual darkness will conclude that it is supernatural strength. And they will grant divine strength to those who are My opponents yet appear in My name in order to deceive humanity. The darker the spiritual night is which enshrouds people, the easier it will be to make them believe in miracles, they will accept every extraordinary activity by evil forces as such, yet the extraordinary working of light .... of people whose will is inclined towards God .... will not be acknowledged by them, and this alone is already a sign that people are under the spell of the one who seeks to fight against God. And yet they will make use of My name .... that is, they will proclaim themselves as Messiah, they will promise people deliverance from every adversity through them and their teachings, for they will only try to win them over by describing themselves as representatives of the One Who has all power over Heaven and Earth. And everyone is a false Christ who preaches a wrong teaching in My name .... and who tries to confirm this teaching through extraordinary working which, however, can never be looked upon as a miracle ....



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