Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 2874 08.09.1943

Delusions ....
Spiritual working group ....

In the spiritual realm the soul is the creator of its own surroundings. It lives in a region created by its own wishes and desires, by its thoughts and its will. Although the objects are no longer of a physical nature they are not spiritually eternal either: they are, in fact, illusions, they are desired ideals which disappear as soon as the soul's longing for them increases. And in this self-created world the soul, as on earth, can oppose and overcome or succumb and add to its longing for matter which, in its state of darkness, it imagines to be real. Thus the soul can believe to live on earth and for an infinitely long time remain subject to this delusion until it either gradually becomes aware of its imperfect state and gives up its longing for earthly goods or it gets more and more involved with them, which is comparable to spiritual regression and finally results in its banishment into the solid form; because the soul's desire will always be fulfilled in so far as the matter, which the being longs for, becomes its outer cover. Thus the soul's degeneration in the beyond results in its re-incarnation, it has to repeat the long process of earthly development again and, thousands of years later, as a human being, take its last earthly test of life once more ....

Whereas higher development in the spiritual kingdom is independent from physical surroundings because the soul only ascends when it has liberated itself from its earthly desires. In that case, however, earthly life is no longer necessary because it has the same opportunity for loving service in the beyond; in a manner of speaking it becomes part of a spiritual working group which is incredibly active in a way that is not yet comprehensible to human beings. All beings in the beyond have the opportunity to progress further and in the state of awareness these opportunities are used with great enthusiasm. However, the souls which are still in darkness have to strive towards God of their own free will. And to activate this will is the work of the beings of light whose perfection has resulted in knowledge, which they now lovingly try to impart on those who are as yet dark in spirit. Thus the spiritual kingdom offers many opportunities to help souls attain spiritual maturity ....



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