Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 3379 25.12.1944

Life on earth is just a moment in eternity ....
Suffering and pleasures ....

Earthly life is only of short duration, even if the human being reaches old age, for it is a phase of eternity which can be compared to an instant. And every pleasure and suffering the human being has to live through passes by like a fleeting moment leaving nothing behind but a memory. Yet every moment can affect the whole of eternity .... Every human being's fate, however, has been wisely considered by God and shaped by His love. Consequently, nothing will be without meaning and purpose, regardless of what the human being has to endure, it will be beneficial for the soul as soon as he completely entrusts himself to divine guidance and accepts his fate without grumbling. God wants to achieve the human being's total submission, since only then will He be able to fully work in him; He demands total dedication to Him in order to permeate the human being's soul with His love .... And therefore his heart has to abandon all longings which do not relate to Him ....

Earthly life is short and has to be made the most of, it has to be used to achieve complete union with God, and every day is lost if earthly goals preoccupy the human heart. This is why God frequently takes from people what they refuse to give up by themselves, in order to then offer Himself as a substitute for what they had to relinquish. And then it will truly not be to the person's disadvantage, for he will exchange something worthless for something precious, and one day he will be very happy when he realises how loving God's guidance had been which wanted to help him reach eternal beatitude. For He demonstrates His love and grace by the fact that He rules with wisdom because He knows what benefits the human soul and what might damage it forever. He keeps His protective hand over His children who strive towards Him and are at risk of separating from Him because they are approached by the world with all its temptations .... Nevertheless, the human being should entrust himself completely to divine guidance, he should know that his life on earth has been determined by His love and that he will be grateful to Him one day when his short time on earth is over, which is just a moment in eternity ....



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