Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 7249 08.01.1959

'The measure you give will be the measure you receive ....'

You shall receive a good measure .... The measure you give to your neighbour shall be the measure you receive again, according to My promise. My love constantly wants to give and make you happy, My love wants to provide for you in abundance, but love can simply only join love, therefore, if I want to bestow happiness upon you, you must do the same, you must want to give and make those people happy in your environment who want to accept your love. I cannot give love to a person with a heart of stone, who is not lovingly active and therefore neither deserves love nor wants to be made happy himself .... But wherever I recognise love I give without restriction, and My gifts are truly not scanty. And if I then see the effort My children make to please each other, if I see that they try to alleviate hardship, that they are willing to give to a needy fellow human being, then I Am truly also willing to consider a friendly giver because of My love for him. The measure you give will be the measure you receive again. But it should not be understood that you only do such works calculatingly in order to receive again in return .... Only true unselfishness, the urging of the heart to please, is valid before My eyes. And to the same extent I will also shine My love upon the person who only lets his love speak when he gives whatever it may be. All possessions are included in this promise of Mine, earthly as well as spiritual ones .... and likewise I will consider the giver in an earthly and spiritual way. For both the fellow human being as well as the lovingly active person require earthly and spiritual possessions during their earthly life, yet more attention should be given to spiritual possessions, for these alone ensure the soul's salvation, and anyone who considers the salvation of his soul first need not worry about the preservation of his earthly life. Here, too, he will receive from Me depending on his conduct towards his neighbour. And so you can receive without limitation, both spiritually as well as earthly, if only you always remember My promise 'The measure you give will be the measure you receive ....'

You need never fear to go short yourselves if you overexert yourselves .... I don't count the cost, I give to you 'unmeasured', that is, according to the love you imparted with your gifts. And truly, you will not be disadvantaged even if you relinquish without qualms what you might possibly need yourselves. You will not go without and be able to gather a rich harvest again, because My love knows no bounds either when it wants to make you happy. For this reason, no hardship need exist on earth if you all bore My promise in mind, for you would help each other and I would help you, whenever the need arises. But anyone who anxiously calculates as not to disadvantage himself by helping another person will not gain many blessings, for his love and trust in Me is still very small, nevertheless, I have to demand both in order to be able to give and to make him happy without restriction. You have a Father Who only ever wants to give joy to His children, but He wants His children to be of the same spirit, so that they, too, would like to please and that everything done by a child is expressing love. Then My love can be so evidently directed towards the children that it gives and causes joy without measure and goal, so that the children recognise their Father in His gifts and love Him with such depth of feeling that it impels the child towards the Father in order to join Him forever, in order to be and to remain His Own for all eternity ....



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