Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 8071 01.01.1962

The earth's last hour ....

And the last hour of the world's clock comes constantly closer .... These Words don't mean much to you humans for you don't believe that you are so close to the end .... And for your sake I cannot give you compelling evidence of this for your fear would render you incapable of fulfilling your earthly task. And thus you may or may not believe it, and your nature will be in accordance with this unbelief when the hour has come. For My plan has been determined for eternity, and profound love for My living creations made Me decide on this plan in all wisdom and will also determine Me to bring it to fruition because the time is fulfilled. My Nature is forever unchanging, and what I once foresaw as being necessary and successful for the beings which are still separated from Me I will also carry out and not allow people to make Me change My plan, since it was based on humanity's will which I have eternally foreseen as no longer capable of change on this earth. I do not plan and act arbitrarily but immeasurable love and wisdom determine Me in everything that happens. Hence there is no reason why I should refrain from implementing My eternal plan of Salvation, for I can see every situation clearly and therefore know that nothing will be gained by changing or deferring My plan of Salvation.

You humans must bear in mind that you truly have had enough time at your disposal and yet those of you who do not believe in Me have not changed .....Even if you had far more time at your disposal you would still not change, hence a postponement of the end would be completely ineffective and pointless and would even put My Own at risk of falling prey to My adversary as well if I do not constrain him as it is intended .... You really ought to grant Me supreme wisdom and profoundest love, then you will no longer appeal to Me for preventing the end of this earth, then you will expect the coming time with complete trust in My love which shall protect everyone who wants to belong to Me and which will truly also use its might when My Own need help in any adversity. Even if you humans don't want to believe that your time is nearing its end you should at least consider the possibility that you suddenly will be recalled from earth; for you know that you cannot prolong your own life and that you don't know when your last day will come. Just consider that you cannot stop death and think what will happen to your soul, which is immortal, which is your real Self whose fate you decide yourself during your earthly life .... But you do not even believe in your soul's continuing existence, and as a result of your unbelief you are in serious trouble for it will not stop Me from carrying out what is proclaimed in Word and Scripture .... For the time is fulfilled and everyday is still a blessing which you can use if only you are of good will.

However, don't put your hope in false prophets who deny an end, who believe that they can change My mind, for they do not speak in My name but are the instruments of the one who wants to keep you in spiritual darkness and who therefore wants people to believe that they have unlimited time .... People would rather believe these false prophets and only ever seek fulfilment by enjoying a good life but fail to consider their souls whose existence they doubt or deny. And it will come to pass as it was foretold .... I Myself will come in the clouds in order to fetch My Own before the work of destruction of the old earth begins .... Not one stone will remain on the other, for the earth will have to be renewed. A new earth will arise, a paradise-like creation which will accept all immature spiritual beings again which were released at the destruction of the old earth and require new forms once more in order to continue to mature fully. And this new earth will be inhabited by those who had remained true to Me until the end .... For they will have reached the degree of maturity which allows them to enter the sphere of light and therefore they will also be allowed to inhabit the paradise which will truly be the same state of beatitude for them as if they had entered My spiritual kingdom without their physical shell. Yet they shall serve Me as the root of the new human race ....

A new period of Salvation can only start with spiritually mature human beings who will also help all still constrained spirits within their environment to speedily achieve maturity, who have such a heartfelt bond with Me that they will also teach love to their children and children's children and bear witness to their God and Creator's glory, and thus the release from the form can progress quickly because I will dwell amongst them in the living Jesus .... Because all people who will then inhabit the new earth will also entrust themselves to their divine Saviour and Redeemer Jesus Christ and in awareness of the original sin also consciously take the path to Him and therefore all resistance will have been broken, for then every person will consciously take the path of return to Me so that I Myself can be present to him since his great love for Me will allow it. Hence this will be the thousand-year kingdom in which the victory over Satan will be evident, for he cannot and will not oppress anyone anymore since all have entirely freed themselves from him and achieved the return to Me, leaving him unable to enter My kingdom until even this blissful time will gradually change again .... until people once again show an inclination towards matter and thereby release the chains of My adversary .... who is lord over matter .... and his influence markedly manifests itself again .... Yet before this time comes to pass many souls will have entered My kingdom in a completely redeemed state .... I will have been able to reap a good harvest, and then the battle with My adversary for the souls will start again .... Yet I will be victorious and time and again wrest souls from him and reduce his follows who represent his power. And time and again he will contribute towards the fact that the redemption of the fallen spiritual will continue. For I will never surrender what is Mine, even if it takes eternities .... one day it will return to Me and then remain united with Me forever ....



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