I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde  - 12.07.1940 

1517   ‘Go and teach all nations ....’

The adversary’s greatest deception consists of clouding a person’s thoughts and making them comply with his plans.

If, however, the person humbly asks for the divine spirit, his thoughts will be right and he will clearly recognise the meaning of these Words. He will also recognise that the will to dominate had to disable the working of the divine spirit, that his thinking was misguided and therefore a false doctrine had to develop, which seriously distorted the divine Word. And God did not stop the human being, He did not interfere with the person’s free will .... He had taught the Gospel to His disciples and instructed them to pass it on by saying ‘Go and teach all nations.’ .... His disciples’ profound faith was the guarantee for the working of the Holy Spirit, and hence the disciples could not teach anything but the truth. Thus the assurance of truth for a teaching servant of God will always be found in his profound, thus living, faith ....

He will be a true follower of Peter and the church which Jesus Christ Himself founded but which was not ever supposed to represent a worldly power, instead it was meant to be spread only spiritually throughout all the nations on earth.

God has never given people the task to establish an institution on earth and then, within the context of humanly decreed commandments, to also include the pure divine teachings yet more or less demanding the compulsory fulfilment of the commandments, which is in opposition to divine will. The human being should accept Christ’s teachings within himself and endeavour to carry out God’s will with complete freedom of will. This doctrine should be offered to people by truly devout teachers wanting to serve God, who are then enlightened accordingly by God’s spirit when they proclaim this teaching.

However, the spirit of God can never express itself where a structure of worldly power has evolved and where the reinforcement of this power has been the sole purpose for the many regulations and commandments which were supposedly decreed with the help of the Holy Spirit, thus leading to the creation of the doctrine of the church leaders’ infallibility. The Holy Spirit is constantly at work to disprove these misguided teachings and to offer people clarification, but time and again human will is strong enough to reject the pure truth and to adhere to misguided teachings. And the human being’s will cannot be compelled to accept the truth, nor can it be compelled to acknowledge God as the giver of the knowledge which is presented to him as truth. It has to be up to himself to recognise the truth; however, much help for this is at his disposal .... Anyone with just a small desire for truth will be guided to it, and anyone willing, i.e. anyone seriously interested in walking the right path on earth, can at any time in his prayer ask for the strength of insight ....


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