Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965

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Bertha Dudde's work has been translated into several languages.

These translations are offered to you here.



No one knows what Jesus looked like:
Jesus-Christ depiction from the Hagia Sophia


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The following downloads offer revelations in various languages.

The German text is binding for all translated revelations.

After unzipping you find various file formats such as PDF, Doc and ePub for multiple use.

The booklets contain revelations compiled by themes - a small selection from 9030 revelations received from the LORD by one of HIS scribes and handmaidens, Bertha Dudde.


This page offers you free downloads of the previous translations of the Revelation of Jesus Christ in different editions.

By 2020, of the total 9030 individual revelations, just over 2100 announcements had been translated into English. The translations will be continued from 2021 onwards and will be added to on an ongoing basis.

In addition, revelations have been and are being translated into other languages, which are available for download here. These are the translations into: Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Croatian, Polish, Korean, Romanian, Greek, Russian and French.


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