Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965

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Portrayal of Jesus Christ in the Hagia Sophia


This page offers you free downloads of the previous translations of the Revelation of Jesus Christ in different editions.

By 2020, of the total 9030 individual revelations, just over 2100 announcements had been translated into English. The translations will be continued from 2021 onwards and will be added to on an ongoing basis.

In addition, revelations have been and are being translated into other languages, which are available for download here. These are the translations into: Italian, Dutch, Spanish, Croatian, Polish, Korean, Romanian, Greek, Russian and French.


Index of downloads

To be able to look and to print at documents in the PDF format, you need the Adobe Reader, which you can download free of charge here.

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Technical notes:

The downloads consist of self-extracting archives (Exe. files). The documents are at your disposal after unpacking *.pdf, *.html, *.mobi, *.epub. All files are carefully checked and virus free.

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This PDF document consists of the introduction text of the CD-ROM Word of God.... and the 12-part text of the introduction to the works of Bertha Dudde, which you find under the category |Introduction| on this home page. Both texts are suited well for distribution in any kind of media. Any suggestions for improvements are welcomed. Public domain - there is no copyright.

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Books edition of the Work in german (.pdf)


This book edition in European A4 format was newly edited and could finally be provided in September 2004. This complete new edition is published in an attractive new design and layout. Its content is completely identically with the loose-leaf collection of October 2000 on CD-ROM.

This new edition has been developed specifically to the needs of the reader for possible printout and then binding according to his own needs.

The PDF files for the European A4 size offer many possibilities.

In foreseeable future books in A4 and A5 format will be redone by including paragraphs in the text (paragraphs in every revelation). In case of questions you are invited to consult the publisher (publisher of this home page).

For further informations of all books under this category go to |Editions/Offer|.

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New: The English translations have been continued from January 2021 and are constantly being added to.

The German text is binding for all translated revelations.

Book editions of the complete works exclusively for the A4 format
NEW in February 2014 (. Pdf)


The edition of books is in A4 paper format and for use on duplex printers

Of the complete works one can easily produce workingkits or studybooklets.

The A5/A4 edition is in 14p Fonts, while the A4 edition is in 11pt Fonts, which allows space for personal notes.

Further advises look up under |Editions/Offer|.

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The edition of themebooklets of February 2014 was edited only for A4 format (11pt Fonts) for duplex printing.

The new edition of themebooklets offers a print of workingkits or studybooklets.

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Collection of information on the topic:  The last 7 years of the Earth

With this compilation of manifestations, an attempt is being made, to chronicle the events that have taken place over the last seven years... chronologically.

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Collection of information on the topic:  FALSE DOCTRINES + ERRORS of the CHURCHES

False interpretations of the biblical testimonies have led in the past and in the past and also today lead to an alienation in faith in the living in the living God ... and then, as a consequence, to the arbitrariness or complete abandonment of faith.

The reasons for the increasing alienation of the faithful, manifested in and at the churches, are disclosed in this compilation of disclosed, ... as well as the reasons for the many different conceptions of God.

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Books and Themebooklets editions of the Work in english for the A5 and A4 format (14pt Fonts) (.pdf)

The German text is binding for all translated revelations.

The booklets contain revelations compiled by themes - a small selection from 9030 revelations received from the LORD by one of HIS scribes and handmaidens, Bertha Dudde.

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Loose-leaf collection of the Work in english (.pdf)


All revelations for reading and print in PDF are available in chronological order at |Reading choice|. Revelations are available for download as loose-leaf collection at book size.

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Dudde - Complete Work / Offline-version
NEW since Feb – 2013: Text is now in paragraphs (.pdf)


This HTML–Version enables you a comfortable study of the complete Dudde work, either all individual revelations or all theme-booklets.

After unzipping the ZIP file and a double click on Idex-File, a mini-homepage opens in your browser, much alike this present on-line homepage, for your offline use!

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Bertha Dudde for E BOOK READER  (small portable readers)

- Collection of english translated revelations in chronological order
  and Theme booklets


Each individual revelation can be reached in eBook by the “table of contents”.

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This search–index is made up of the titles of all revelations.
For further information go to |Editions/Offer|

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