Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965

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Reference archive

consisting of high-resolution *.jpg images (scans) of the original manuscript
every Bertha Dudde - Announcement

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Reference archive

The editors have an archive at their disposal consisting of high-resolution *.jpg images (scans) of the original manuscript of each Dudde publication.

Sense and Purpose of this archive

Due to the uncontrollable mass distribution of the Dudde announcements on the Internet, it is not possible to prevent a or negligent alteration of the texts cannot be directly counteracted.

The However, the archive always offers the reliable possibility of checking the authenticity of the statements, especially as secondary literature increasingly emerges, which refers to primary statements.

Anyone seriously interested is called upon to passages in question by asking the editors to have them to have them checked for authenticity. You are welcome to make use of this possibility.

Franz-Josef Davids

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