Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0190 20.11.1937

Effect on uninformed spiritual beings ....

In the course of time the Lord permits us to give you the information that shall please you. In the realm of eternity many exist whom you, due to your striving, taught to think entirely differently. Silently and gently they appear close to you and pay attention to everything you do and think. And they, too, gradually begin to understand their situation and their purpose. Their thoughts and intentions now aim to integrate and to make contact with benign spiritual beings. Your activity on Earth has already become a blessing for them .... time and again they return to you and regard the possibility of your contact to the beyond in amazement. The ray of light you emanate as soon as our contact has been established attracts many poor souls .... they are still earth-bound and wherever such ray is shining they congregate .... A loving thought granted by you to all of them will time and again give them hope and strength to start the work of improving themselves and to turn to the Deity in dawning realisation. What you already give to those is infinitely valuable and beneficial. Many a soul would like to come forward and entrust his worries and wishes to you, but the time for this has not come yet .... not for them, and neither do we want to disturb your peace. Just now we are acting according to the Lord by only giving you what is good for you and your peace of mind. However, were you able to see the group of those who follow your effort with hope and trepidation, it would already be enough to impel you into using the opportunity of making contact with us as often as you can. If only it were possible for us to often take such direct effect in the earthly children .... it would result in so much blessing! You may always turn to us with devout faith and trust .... countless souls anxiously worry that you might leave this path, and as far as our strength permits we will all helpfully stand by your side, therefore you can very confidently continue your work and need not worry that our support might ever be withdrawn from you. Our Lord and Saviour's love is beyond measure, and He will always provide His Own with refreshment and strength for their pilgrim's journey to their true home.



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