Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0202 26.11.1937

Demons are roaming the universe ....
Prayer ....

Demons are roaming the universe .... inciting people in all places to revolt against the commandments of God, and wherever the Father is implored for help they will be kept in check .... It is a wise law that the Lord governs the world .... that these demons will always have to face up to the Creator's will. Left to his own devices, a person would succumb to them were the Lord not to take pity on the profound adversity which surrounds the earthly human being .... and thus you should merely turn to Him for help. The earth will have to remain in prayer for an infinitely long time if it wants to release itself from the power of these dark forces .... So, do you need to worry, since you receive help in all adversity through prayer? .... At no time has the Father ever asked you to stop praying .... the grace you can thereby obtain is immeasurable .... The means is forever at your disposal; hence you should use it for your benefit and implore the Father from the bottom of your heart for deliverance from the powers of darkness. It is entirely up to you if you have to fight hard .... if you don't use prayer and don't entrust yourselves to the Father in your distress .... The Lord bestows His love and kindness upon each and every one, and therefore you should all make an effort to receive His grace. Thus you spend every day in glad anticipation of the teachings given to you and constantly enhance your knowledge regarding spiritual things. Always desire to receive the Word of God and your wish will be complied with on our part .... nevertheless, if you want to remain within the grace of the Lord you must always hand over your heart to Him and submit to His will. You must humbly accept from His hand what His love has in store for you, for one day all pain and suffering will help your spirit's resurrection and you will praise God's wisdom for all eternity.



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