Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0211 02.12.1937

Warning ....
The Saviour's love ....

During an hour of silence you will experience the Lord's grace, Who will inform you of His will and assign your future activity to you. Dear child, always seek to keep your heart pure, for only then will you receive the strength to diligently comply with your duty on earth .... If you are cautioned by the Father, you will find yourself facing a cliff, and then you should conscientiously try to know yourself and make an effort to improve so that you can flawlessly face your Creator .... in order to then receive clear and pure Words of truth. In this life everyone makes the great mistake of confiding insufficiently in the Saviour Who would like to grant him all His love .... Who would like to look after him and guide him through his whole life on earth. After all, anyone who appeals for the Saviour's love travels the long path through the earthly valley with Him; would this awareness not make anyone blissfully happy? What could be more pleasant than to avoid all obstacles of life guided by Him? ....



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