Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0243 31.12.1937

Bear death in mind ....

The Lord will destroy whatever opposes Him, and resurrect those who remain in the Lord .... My dear child, it is the Lord's will that you, who lives in accordance with the Lord on earth, shall receive now and forever, for His Word shall be taught again on earth, in the way it is given to you all from the Lord. Humanity must not waver in its faith, it shall be guided back to the pure teaching of Christ, and ways will be shown to you, which would be impossible for you to travel on your own .... but guided by God you will overcome all obstacles. Behold, mindful of His suffering on earth, the Saviour advises you to accept everything He imposes upon you and what He has destined for you .... He will always stand by your side, and in every adversity you will feel His closeness and never be abandoned; nevertheless, you must make an effort to gain firm faith in God, then everything will be easy for you and for love of the Saviour you will be strong and able to endure everything patiently. His divine love offers you reliable protection, even if it sometimes seems as if you are at risk of being harmed, you are nevertheless so faithfully sheltered under His guard that you must not worry. Therefore struggle and pray incessantly for firm faith and profound trust in God, so that you will be able to resist everything that threatens you from outside .... And with complete confidence write this down today: Bear death in mind .... yet this thought should never scare you .... for the hour of death can be shaped by yourselves into a time of immense happiness if it merely signifies to you the transition from this life into a radiantly bright beyond .... In that case, what is there to fear? You will leave all earthly suffering behind and enter a kingdom where all tribulations are taken from you and where eternal life close to the Saviour is prepared for you .... But woe to you if the hour of death does not mean your release from earthly anguish .... If you leave the valley of earth only to wander about in the dark .... burdened by your earthly guilt and incapable of leaving this darkness .... Therefore be warned before this hour arrives .... Bear the hour in mind and realise that you alone create this or that state on earth .... that your life on earth is the decisive factor as to whether the hour of death is the gate into eternal happiness or the entrance into darkness. Consider how much more difficult it then will be for you to turn towards the light, and how many opportunities you still have on earth now to easily attain the state through which you will be granted a blissful death .... And if, for once, you spend some thought on the fact that you don't know how much time you are still granted on earth, then be grateful to the heavenly Father for every warning He conveys to you time after time through his messengers. Consider this and strive .... constantly strive, but only towards the goal of living your earthly life for the benefit of your soul .... and conduct yourselves on earth such that you are ready at any hour to be recalled by the Father. You will enter a new life .... make sure that it will radiate for you in heavenly beauty, that you may receive from the Father's hand everything the Father has prepared for you in eternity .... but woe, if you exchange your life on earth with an existence in the beyond which will require an immense effort to leave and where you, in sorrow and self inflicted agony, remorsefully remember the unused time on earth .... Therefore, pay attention to the admonitions which are sent to you and always bear death in mind, which can approach you any time .... and sincerely appeal to the Father that He may take mercy upon you and enlighten you before it is too late .... and He will answer your prayer.




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