Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0259 15.1.1938

Father's words ....
Announcements ...

My dear child .... not all are so distinguished, and not all are in the grace to be allowed to hear My words, therefore it is your holiest duty to dedicate yourself in most devoted love to this My word and to avoid as far as possible everything that could hold you back from it on earth.  Resistances grow out of it, so that your spiritual ear is not able to receive so easily, if you are distracted by earthly pleasures ....

And so I advise you to avoid everything that binds you to this world .... seek in My words alone the happiness of your days, and never fail to devote yourself zealously to your work.  For it is to your blessing and promotes your spiritual progress .... The way, which was shown to you, is of undreamt-of sweetness for your heart, because in love I stand by the side of all these children, who fulfill My mission, and lead them up to the heights .... What can replace such things for you?  Where could you find the peace of your soul if not through Me? ....

If you, My child, love Me more than the world, you exchange heavenly food for earthly pleasures and stand in boundless riches .... for the Lord is well pleased with such sacrifice and gives you back a thousand times what you give up for His sake .... Therefore let this task always be the work of your heart .... in intimate union with Me you prepare for yourself greater joy and remain in My grace.  So I also want to announce to you today that in every union with Me, heaven has it's joy and that such has an effect in a wide sphere around you because every noble movement of the heart lets light and power flow to you, which also gives power again to the beings surrounding you, which set their hope on you.  Thus a light shines around you ....




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