Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0334 16.3.1938

Hostility of evil powers ....
"Lead us not into temptation ...."

Be without worry, My child, you will succeed more and more and more to undo the forces of evil that still surround you and will not cease in their struggle, but the more intimately you strive for union with Me, the more ineffective is the power of this Beginning .... As the wise man has to defend himself against the attacks of opponents who want to diminish his fame and merit, so a man striving for spiritual truth is still far more exposed to hostile annoyances, because they try to make the soul snide, and to achieve this, these powers spare no means.

If you on earth now are so much persecuted by the opposing side, then your will and your strength must be extraordinarily great should you want to resist, because if you know .... you want to reach Me, then you must fight, otherwise you also cannot receive the reward .... eternal bliss you gain by seeing Me .... Will the road become so difficult for you when you know what immense happiness awaits you? .... Take everything patiently, do not let yourself be made small and fearful. .... Remain in prayer, and every temptation will pass you by, and the stronger you will walk out of every danger.

My will shall now and always be victorious. Whoever sees in Me to be his goal .... for will I let a child perish who stretches out his hands to Me and seeks Me? .... The earth is a valley of suffering, it was created for you, that you may reach your destiny on it .... and so also all evil powers must be given the opportunity to fight for you, so that you may test your strength on them, because otherwise you will not be able to reach what is intended to be your final goal.

But it is enough in every need of the soul that you call to the heavenly Father .... that you ask: "Do not lead us into temptation ....", then your will not to succumb to temptation will be regarded as accomplished resistance against all that you fear .... Remain always aware that a will to recognize true divinity will leave you at the mercy of such tests, if you do not ask again and again for God's help, which will certainly not be denied you.  So pay attention to all your thoughts and acts so that it is not led by evil influences, that you may receive My teachings all the more pure and worthy.  My blessing guides you ....



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