Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0337 18.3.1938

Constant higher development ....
Missed life-stage ....

As the creatures on earth must go through a constantly higher development, so also humans experience an ever progressing development .... And this must proceed forever if everything is to remain in divine order.  That is why standing still or a regression in spiritual relationship is against the divine order, and from this you can assess how serious the consequences of such a persisting in spiritual darkness must therefore be for such a creature and how bitter and difficult it must be for the soul as soon as the soul realizes it's misguided life existence, when it has to recognize how many stages it already had to fight, even if unconsciously, just to reach the stage of embodiment as man, in which it then could form itself according to it's own will ... and it now faces a result that does not in the least meet the divine requirement.

See, it is incomparably better not to have first tried your hand at earth life, because then you are by far not to be condemned as much as having accepted the grace of embodiment, but abused it.  As long as you receive warnings, the way to the light is still open ... but woe to those who stubbornly let all warnings pass them by .... That is why God's mercy is so great and His love so infinite, because He wants to lead all these beings over into the radiant, light-flooded eternity .... That is why he considers each soul and wants to point them to eternity through suffering and strokes of fate .... because otherwise a person cannot be made aware that there is a higher Being which holds his life, his being and becoming in His hand ....

The realization of how weak and powerless man is, should suffice to open his eyes - that he then also cannot be the ruler of his own fate, but must be subordinated to a higher Being.  Then each man would have to do his utmost to fulfill everything that is demanded by this higher Being .... Is it then so difficult to willingly submit to the heavenly Father, who in His goodness and love does so infinitely much good to you and Whose only concern it is to win you for the eternal kingdom?  .... Pray for illumination of your spirit, and you will be able to grasp to the same extent as your prayer rises from the heart to the Father .... The more intimately you pray, the more exhaustive the Lord will teach you ....



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