Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0343 22.03.1938

Danger of selfishness ....
Love for God and one's neighbour ....

God, the Lord, is ready to comfort you at all times, and He will do so in abundance if you trustingly turn to Him. Where the Lord Himself takes care of every being in this way you will experience His grace every day .... He will steadfastly guide your hearts towards the Eternal if only you strive for it. However, even a tiny amount of selfishness will weaken the great grace of strength imparted to you by the Lord, because someone who puts his own ego into the forefront will hardly enter the right path or remain on it. For love for God and one's neighbour is the highest commandment which comprises everything .... Should you not try to fulfil this commandment first? .... In that case, however, you should not place yourselves into the forefront .... Everything you own and are has been given to you by God, and to the same extent you should give to your fellow human beings .... you should give them everything you deem valuable yourselves before you consider yourselves and thereby love the next person as yourselves. In this way, you receive the same measure of divine grace from the Lord as the measure you have given to your neighbour. If you practise this highest duty, your life on earth will still offer you incomparably wonderful things .... insofar as it will make your path to the Father easier and you, constantly standing within the radiance of divine love, will be able to educate yourselves for eternity .... A short prayer to receive strength for all rightful actions will make even this commandment seem easy for you to accomplish, and in lively communication with your spiritual friends you will penetrate the love and wisdom of God ever deeper and learn to look upon everything from a spiritual point of view .... The commandment of love will stimulate you into constant activity until the end of your life, and then you will not have lived your life on earth in vain but will have helped the advancement of your soul. That which you do to your neighbour out of love will have been amply repaid to you if you thereby reached a state of greater perfection and acquired the reward of heaven ....



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