Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0348 27.3.1938


In such hours as now only one thing is needed .... leave yourself completely to the Lord and Savior .... then everything will come together for the good.  Give only a little attention to how lovingly the Father guides you all, and your trust in Him will grow.  For His eye watches over all of you who are His children.  Let nothing distract you from fulfilling your most sacred duty, for everything else in life is only for the world .... but this is for eternity.  And so the Savior instructs you in always the same love .... He continues to promote the soul-life by increasing your spiritual knowledge and helping you to recognize and follow His teachings.

In what condition the people often are to whom He bestows His grace .... how often does the heart tremble in earthly need, but if it finds the way to the Father, then he grants the earthly child all refreshment, which it needs, because no-one is to suffer, if the purpose of the suffering is fulfilled .... that the earth child has truly recognized the Father and desires Him only .... only a little trust .... and you can put many a care into the hand of Him who leads and guides you all.

If the Lord is to teach you His teachings, your ear and heart must listen attentively to receive this spiritual gift.  But if your thoughts dwell too much on this earth, then it is far more difficult for you to succeed, and so the connection is now more difficult to establish because you lack the inner peace,  for which you must fight and ask if you want to reach the goal .... Pray and you will be able to quickly re-establish the connection ....



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