Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0355 30.3.1938

30.3. (Hugo)...

Those around you welcome you and give you advice .... Behold, there is one among us whose heart is connected with you .... he has thought of you all day and was near you, and now he is happy about the connection that is to be granted him for a short time ....

My love, your thoughts have been with me today, and I sense the power that emanates from you.  I want to tell you some things that will bring you joy .... The world on the other side has many horrors for all of you who are still on earth .... but man can form himself so far on earth that the entrance into the hereafter is much more of a joyful event for him, and so you must imagine that I am staying in bright, light spheres where only you are still missing .... You find in your earthly existence so unspeakably much grace from the Lord, and in this consciousness also my life here in the hereafter has become a beautiful one, so that I fulfill my duties with joy and can also often tarry close to you.  I observe all your work and give you hints as often as I can, for what spiritual work has come into being through you, bears witness to the Savior's exceedingly great love for people, and for this I thank Him daily and hourly that He has led you so lovingly on the right path.  All of us around you want to stand by your side in days of evil and in days of inner struggle.  But now your grandmother wants to tell you a few words.  I feel your closeness, child, and offer you my farewell in yellow roses.  Expect me the day after tomorrow ....

Where so many surround you, my spirit is also always close to you.  It is an important day today, my child, the Lord's great goodness allows us to protect you, and this task makes us all happy .... we read all your letters and thereby gain so much .... And now the Lord has given us permission to be allowed to intervene in your life on earth to help you when it is necessary, and that makes us so happy, since we are to participate in all your spiritual work.  We will support the work of your hands so that the spiritual work will not suffer any loss, and heaven's help will always be granted to you when your prayer penetrates deeply to the heavenly Father.  Now we depart from you and ask the Lord to bless you ....



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