Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0357 1.4.1938

1.4 (Birthday)...

Begin in the name of God .... You will leave your body, and all around you will be clear .... all light will shine, you will lift yourself up into an area above the ether blue .... And when there is singing and ringing around you, then you know that God the Lord is near you .... that you have entered into His kingdom.

Wherever you find yourself in the gloomy days, hear the voice of consolation .... Your suffering is small compared to the joy that awaits you.  And if you give your heart entirely to the Savior, you will draw immeasurably from His divine source of grace, for His children's desire to come to Him, is granted them abundantly.  So always rely on the Savior's goodness and love, then your faith will bring you to a level that will certainly lead you to the heights.

Hear now our words: The Saviour urges you to care for the poor at all times, who are on the wrong track because of their faith.  Communicate His words to them, for the power of these words flows unconsciously into such hearts .... Whatever may happen, a grain remains in them, even if the doubt is still great at the moment.  But who else shall save them, if not the Lord through His Word .... Whatever gave you happiness and satisfaction and gives you again and again, will also find it's way into many a person's heart, because the Lord will give you the gift of serving His Word in the right place ....

It is hereby declared to you that the Lord wants to take possession of your body for the blessing of the many who find it hard to believe.  Hidden in your bodily shell, the Lord will express Himself and thus give you the strength to carry out a ministry entirely in His will.  You shall live and yet be at the commandment of the Lord, until He will one day take you to Himself in His kingdom.  Trustingly place everything into the Lord's hands, do not be afraid .... only believe .... Then you will always remain in His blessing, and what the Lord offers you will make you infinitely happy already on earth, because His love is always with you ....



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