Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0362 3.4.1938

Loving Father's words...

Accept My words that I place in your heart and receive My blessings through them.  A heart won by love to see itself lifted up to Me is the most beautiful reward for My efforts, because I desire you, My dear children, and I see in every little child that returns to Me the fruits of My love .... Your share is bliss, prepared for you out of My love.  And My share is your heart fully turned towards Me, which I receive to Me in My kingdom for eternity.

There everything blossoms and greens, there so much beauty is opened up to you that you can bear all this only in perfection, and My nearness will agree with you to exceedingly great joy .... because all of us are then united by one Spirit .... one Light and one Love .... For this, My little daughter, it is advisable to lay down your life when it would be necessary, but your Savior shields you in every danger and averts all adversity from you when it is not necessary for the perfection of your soul.

My child, unite in thought with Me as often as you can, then your strength will grow, your love will become stronger and stronger, and your faith will be strengthened, so that your life on earth will already be completed in fullness of light, because My Spirit then constantly flows over into you, and you seek all happiness only in love with Me .... You seek to serve Me and to fulfill My will and out of this love turn your heart also to your fellow brothers and sisters in the same love.  On these you are to test your strength, which I impart to you to have a beneficial effect on all My children on earth.  Give only Me always your heart and your will to own, then your purpose on this earth will be fulfilled ....



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