Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0364 4.4.1938

The necessity of constant struggle ....
Cleaning through the elements ....

We are with you whenever you need our strength.  The most urgent necessity is to adapt to everything that the Lord lets you endure.  For your soul is to form itself in all devotion into that which is necessary for it to the finite maturity of the spirit.  Any clinging to unhealthy weaknesses or mistakes is an obstacle to it's progress.  For a perfect spirit of light requires a flawless soul, freed from all evils, and man can come to this stage only through perpetual inner struggle and constant work on himself.

Search the comparisons in nature .... How often is a storm the means to remove all evil .... to chase away all clouds .... so that the sky will once again be a bright blue sky .... Unpleasant things always happen in order to let an improvement follow, because everything in nature, as well as with you humans, clears itself up through and after adversity .... Because the Lord in His wise counsel recognizes and determines that all existence in nature is only purified by elements that stir up rest, and so also man does not promote himself in a state of rest, but would in the inertia forget his destiny .... and is therefore subject to this law as well, that a purification, an improvement can only be achieved by adversity imposed upon him, which he is forced to overcome.

Only in this way is progress on a spiritual path possible  .... The human heart must learn to decide for itself .... it must feel that every pressure that burdens it can become a blessing for it, if man can draw the benefit from it .... if he patiently bears what is imposed on him .... but if it does not have an ennobling effect on man, all of that is in vain.

So keep above all to the saying: What God imposes on you, you must joyfully receive from His hand, because the Lord knows what is good for you, and you must pass these tests if the Lord's love is to continue to consider you with His grace.  But if you trustingly put all your worries to His heart, He will know how to turn away from you everything that seems difficult to you to bear.  For his will is not that you suffer, but through suffering make yourself worthy of the eternal joy that He has prepared for you for all eternity ....



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