Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0368 6.4.1938

Glowing heart ....
Shapes of the soul ....
Power of Love ....

A glowing iron takes the form into which it is pressed .... a heart glowing with love will likewise form itself according to My will .... and you, My child, have the time to anticipate where all unclean things separate from your soul and leave this completely to Me so that I give it the right form .... and this now formed soul takes in itself an excess of Divine Spirit, so that it is able to comprehend this.  In it's purity it has become a vessel where the Savior chooses to stay .... and will not everything in you be filled with love for your Creator? .... Will you not tremble with the happiness that the union with your Savior will bring you? ....

Do not let it occur to you that My dwelling on earth in your midst could ever come to an end .... I do not let the connection which is once established be destroyed - and your heart will long for Me so fervently that I can never leave you because love always draws Me to you, because I am always omnipresent in love, because I Myself am Love .... So you will never lose Me, you who only raise your thoughts .... your hearts to Me .... The most respectable worldly testimony of honour will not be able to replace you what a moment of happiness prepares in your hearts, if I dwell in it .... and likewise you will long for no other bliss than My presence ....

The holiest feeling in you will always be love, but whom I consider with My love, he will never forget Me in eternity .... But I demand your complete devotion .... if you want to be Mine.  Then you must openly acknowledge Me .... if you want to be happy in My love, then seek to turn this love also to your brothers and sisters on earth, seek to open the spring of life to them .... seek to win their hearts and ears for Me, and you will increase the number of My little sheep .... you will snatch them from destruction .... you will have a share in their eternal life, as soon as you have brought Me, your Saviour, to them ....

You all do not know the power of love .... you do not know the greatness of guilt in which the enemy has entangled you .... Wherever you are with this guilt, would not My love erase it and kindle a little light for you, so that you do not walk the path of life in darkness and therefore go astray .... I demand nothing more than your heart, but this completely, so that I can form it according to My will, when you completely sacrifice your will to Me.

Become like children, let yourselves be guided, let yourselves also be punished where My love considers it right .... so that you learn to love Me more and more intimately and turn your whole being towards Me .... then you have become in fervent love so that I can form you into the most beautiful form .... into the image of God .... Oh you do not yet recognize the love that can transform you overnight into the noblest, clearest crystal .... into the purest gold .... into the brightest light .... Therefore .... love God the Lord over all and love your fellow men .... Because only out of love will you be able to be immeasurably blissful until all eternity ....




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