Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Anthroposophists? ....
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Softly the words of the Savior sound in your ear .... Become like children, and I will give you My blessing, and if you believe My words, you will never lack strength .... Show everything that could shake your faith, because only where the light born out of true humility shines, there also My Spirit will find entrance, but not in caves surrounded by stone walls .... these are the hearts drawing all their wisdom from artfully constructed and laboriously assembled human construction .... the endlessly many writings of arguably truth-seekers, but the childlike faith of averse humans, who created a doctrine themselves, which presents God as unreachable and of difficultly attainable nature ....  who live in the belief that in the world it is always only man who is destined to come closer to truth and knowledge, who acquires knowledge himself through long, laborious spiritual work .... i.e. work of the mind, which in turn was acquired in the same way, but never has the pure work of love, humility and unconditional devotion to the will of God as it's basis ....

Only on this alone true knowledge can be built and acquired .... Everything else leads over time away from the actual truth, even if it has it's origin in the same way - and in the end it becomes an entity that no longer corresponds to My teaching .... Flee all that arises in times of spiritual arrogance .... this can not - never ever agree with the full truth, you will always receive the Word of God purely where you leave the guidance of your spirit completely to the Lord ....

You shall indeed strive .... unceasingly, but not for mere intellectual knowledge, but rather for your own perfection .... for the perfection of your soul, which you can only achieve when you are eager to form your heart first by practicing love, humility, gentleness .... and when you not least implore the grace of the Lord and gratefully accept it, because without this grace, your struggle is in vain; you are then like a cold, lifeless mass which does not feel the invigorating breath of Divine grace and without this cannot come to the life-warm maturing of yourself ....

You may well harbour a conscious spirit, but this spirit cannot give you the true life that the Lord alone promises to those who remain in Him .... Therefore no danger is probably as great as that of exaltation, because it excludes everything that is a precondition for the only true knowledge .... And the struggle of these souls will be in vain until they too surrender more and more to Divine grace .... until they have recognized the dead path their souls have taken ....

(The true light, the true life, is given alone only to those .... who find the Father as a child .... who alone only overcomes what opposes him .... But all of you who seek without God's source of grace, will not reach the goal .... Your spirit will only be light and bright when the world of your soul opens up .... if you ask for the grace of the Father in the manner of a child .... then you will recognize the spirit of love that leads you .... and you will praise Him to Whom this praise is due ....)




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