Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0375 12.4.1938

Knowledge ....
Inner life ....
Difference in the value of spiritual and earthly knowledge ....

An insightful person never has the desire to penetrate into God's deepest wisdom just to enrich his knowledge, but he will seek connection with God from this knowledge .... He will never be satisfied with just knowing.  What seems much more valuable to him, is the relationship that connects him with the Creator of all miracles .... And once he has found the right attitude towards the Creator, only then will knowledge bring him the blessing ....

Because what use is all this knowledge of things to man at the end of his days if he has not made use of the value of knowledge in the time on earth.  And yet humans demand again and again to enrich their knowledge .... This is also a gift that the Lord himself gives to him on earth .... The urge for always new knowledge is innate to humans .... Why would everything be in nature, in and around man himself .... Everything is again and again a reference to the eternal Creator, and his Spirit is active in man, when the thirst for knowledge begins to stir in the earthly child .... All these peculiarities point to an intervention of Divine power already from the beginning of the earth's existence.

The inner life of the human being is an area completely separated from the actual body.  No violence from outside, no foreign will can have a determining influence on it, if the human will itself does not accept such influences .... The inner life is something which humans can always determine completely independently .... which it can richly and invaluably arrange .... he can also let it lie fallow or locks it up so stubbornly, that no beam of light can find it's way in.

That he therefore does not absorb spiritual knowledge but enriches himself in earthly knowledge in such a way that it fills him completely and he is then incapable to absorb Divine wisdom in himself, yes such appear to him as questionable, and he is therefore with all his earthly knowledge a completely unfit being when leaving the earth.  If man is wise in heart, he will not overload himself with earthly knowledge, because this is useless for him, but if he lets the spiritual activity - the urge for spiritual truths - blossom in him, he will act immensely wisely, and the wealth of his soul will increase in imperishable goods ....

All knowledge which the Lord imparts to you, has incomparable value in the sense of creation .... but all earthly efforts for learning will not be recognized one day, when the value of the soul is judged and rewarded; for the wise of the world will be ignorant, and all earthly striving will earn them no reward, but will stand above them, who will always receive the gift of God - the Divine wisdom - with thanksgiving, for they will be blessed by the Lord ....



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