Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0383 20.4.1938

Purity of heart ....
Inner humility ....
Self-knowledge ....

You will be given a full measure for your earth career, the more diligently you must strive to prove yourself worthy of this measure, and so everything that is to bear witness to your love must also be applied where the spirit of discord prevails .... because can a child, which is in the grace of God, be worthy of it, if he does not always endeavor to express a pure sound, where the understanding for it lacks .... Spiritual connectedness is guaranteed to everyone who strives for it ...., but only those who cultivate the purity of the heart are allowed to know the deep truth.

It is of great value for you to be able to receive in boundless devotion what others still have to struggle for exceedingly, and in spite of everything, the inner voice must also announce to you if you are lacking, otherwise a maturing .... a perfecting of your soul might not be possible.  To work incessantly is the only way to reach the state where union with the eternal Deity is destined for you. Instead of the realization of your own inadequacy, however, you must never again allow arrogance ....

This is the danger for every being exceptionally gifted by God, that it very soon loses it's inner humility and then loses grace.  Beware of all things, for God's love of the Father has set you such a glorious task that you must do everything to remain in His grace.  Only then, when you feel low and small, will the power in you grow beyond you.  Then you will fulfill in the sense of the Lord what you are destined for.

Submit yourself completely to God's will, so His providence will always care for you, and you will still be able to work as a blessing, because everything that the Father does for His own, is arranged in wise foresight, to help them to light and knowledge.  So the fruits of your labor will be given to you already here on earth and one day in eternity, but always recognize yourself, and strive for the purity of your heart, which always guarantees you the love of the heavenly Father ....




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