Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0395 2.5.1938

Reminder to help the spiritually ill ....

Have mercy on every being that you meet walking in darkness, because it is enough to bless you, if you help them to find the way to the light .... Your lunatics are already suffering here and far more still in the hereafter.  You will have no easy work on them, but the Father in heaven rejoices over every soul that you bring to Him.  In these surroundings there are earthly children .... who are likewise in need of light.  Walking on earth has been easy for them, they therefore did not grasp so firm a faith to find and enter the true way out of this faith.

It gave them the world at all times, and this was of little benefit to their spirit.  The Lord instructs all who want to serve Him, to be active toward such people.  Your creative power is strong and will be under God's blessing both spiritually and physically .... Never be content to accomplish only what is necessary, but strive unceasingly to reach the height, for only constant striving brings you upwards, and a slackening or a tiredness is always a step backwards.

Whatever is demanded of you, you will always be able to master .... But in the spiritual you yourself have to struggle to receive an always brighter light and also to be able to let this radiate onto your fellow men.  Always pray for the other where you can .... This itself blesses, and soon you will be able to rule where you have served.  You will understand it well when you consider the iron willpower that is your own and that you can use to achieve what you have set out to do.  You had to endure a short period of servitude, but the duration of this is in your hands ....

The more you wrestle yourself, the easier the annoying shackles fall, and you are free.  But therefore have mercy on those who do not recognize in which freedom-chains their soul still languishes.  See, these souls will once thank you fervently, but the struggle for these souls is not easy .... it takes patience and love to point out their condition .... but God provides every willing child with strength, which use will be put on your heart.  Therefore be creative and active.  That you walk the right path, is the heavenly Father's concern, if you intimately entrust yourself to Him ....




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