Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0398 4.5.1938

Rock-solid faith need to be close to the Savior ....

My dear child, why do you fear and tremble .... see, so many graces are granted to you that your heart should only rejoice forever, and yet you do not yet believe .... it is dark in your mind because you give room to doubting thoughts.  Put all your worries into the heart of your Lord and Savior, and you will be comforted and calmed through life.  Just one word and your heart will beat with joy .... because you do not yet recognize the power of Divine love .... You do not know what fire of love can consume you if you feel the closeness of the Lord only once .... Acquire this immense happiness by making yourself worthy of it ....

And to this belongs in the first place a rock-solid faith, because without this you cannot connect deeply inwardly with your Savior .... only what you experience from deepest faith, makes you worthy of the highest luck.  The love of the Divine Savior wants to draw every human child to Himself; it also wants to let it gain insight when his heart beats so hot for the Savior that in this love, the Lord wants to give the earthly child fulfillment of all longing. But where is such a deeply believing human child who loves the Lord and Saviour above all else ....

They take offence at the slightest stone, and again and again they have to struggle for the grace to be allowed to dwell in the presence of the Lord .... And so you encourage yourselves too little where you give in to such inner doubts and thereby make yourselves unworthy of the love of the Father.  He who has prepared a kingdom for you for eternity is always near you, but only when you voluntarily give your heart to Him, ... when you long in deep love for Him to enter your heart, only then can He take up residence and bless your heart ....



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