Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0406 8.5.1938

Father's words

Hear the voice speaking to you .... All the time, people are born who have the inner urge to submit to the Divinity in everything they do .... life is also only one step on the ladder leading to perfection.  Therefore do not fear and tremble, you who want to reach the highest bliss of eternal life .... Your heart will guide you, you will hear the Divine voice calling out to you: "Follow Me .... and the suffering of the earth is overcome for those who remember only the Lord.

A moment full of joy is granted you, which exceeds the suffering of the earth a thousand times.  If you abstained from the world, you now learn to know happiness in all it's fullness, because the love of God knows no bounds, and you can still increase this heavenly happiness to immeasurable heights, if you have become one with Him in the love for the Lord and Savior .... Therefore is the wrestling during time on earth necessary until the last hour .... Hear therefore the exhortation which the Lord sends to those who are His: You will be considered by My love, but make yourselves also worthy of this love.

Those who keep My commandments and follow Me, remain eternally in My love .... They will not feel the heaviness of the earth oppressive, when they are completely absorbed in My will .... The last will be first, and so also everyone who willingly serves Me, will rule over innumerable beings in the universe .... Because My power passes over into those children who are devoted to Me in love.  See the earth as a unique schoolhouse that I Myself run .... and where I try to teach My wisdoms to all pupils and to give them knowledge of the work of the Godhead .... And see these children, how they receive differently what is offered to them .... how they partly hang attentively on My lips, but partly also listen completely unwillingly and want to escape My teachings.

And so only a small part will use what My love offers them .... But this small fraction of My earthly children is so willing that My fullest love is there for them and the stream of My love-glowing heart overflows into their hearts .... and so for these there will sure still come times of trial, but they will know how to rise again and again in My favor, surrender and follow Me loyally .... And so I never leave a heart so anxious for inner maturity .... I bless it and make it fully available to Me .... until I one day take it into My Father's kingdom ....



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