Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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Security of the truth ....
Importance of knowledge ....
Guiding spirit ....

This may be said for your reassurance that neither spirit-beings nor people have the gift of conveying to you erroneous views, if you seek the truth in your heart alone.  You yourself refuse to accept an untruth in your mind .... so no power will be able to transmit such to you.  That's why your struggle for the truth is so blessed, because with this will, you are already eliminating a misleading force .... Then danger will only threaten you, if your wrestling slackens and you surrender yourself in indifference to the effects of all the elements .... 

And that is why your prayer is needed, which gives you protection at all times and makes you receptive to all that is good and noble .... The goodness of the Lord lets you be steadfastly instructed; your attention is to be directed mainly to attain spiritual maturity, because for your farther life, a knowledge is necessary that makes you capable of every contradiction when the teaching of the Lord is challenged.  Whether in this or that world .... diligent work will always be required if the words of God are to find their way in and be vividly evaluated.

It is not about absorbing the details, but rather about the knowledge of a continuous life .... about incessant work on the soul .... about the everlasting activity of each being .... This knowledge will spur you on to the highest possible perfection in your earthly existence, because it offers the greatest possibility for it and your continued life then exists for you only in your own blissful love-activity, while otherwise still another agonizing struggle to the finite height in the hereafter is destined for you, which you are given ample opportunity to avoid in this life ....

So now your protecting and guiding spirit tells you about a constant worry of the beings surrounding you .... Their activity consists mostly of conveying to you the true realization that you have been made receptive to our teachings.  They care for you as it were continuously and watch over your thoughts.  It is of incomparable value to be entrusted to such faithful guardians .... The right knowledge which they own, will also soon pass over to you and will detach you more and more from the earth's resistance.  Thus cared for, your life path will still be a struggle, but a successful one ....

Only few are assigned such a task because the power and the will of every individual are so different, that the Lord chooses them Himself.  Whoever grants Him entrance into his heart, will also place himself in his protection and now experiences the proofs of His love and goodness in the richest measure.  But beyond that, a driving force is given into man's heart, according to which he must strive ever higher, and this driving force awakens wherever man engages in love towards his fellow men.  Spiritual knowledge is hence indispensable to show the fellow men the right way to attain eternal life ....





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