Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0413 12.5.1938

Father's comforting words ....
Admonition to firm faith ....

The breath of God blows around you, My child, when you turn to Me in intimate prayer.  Try to always abandon yourself to heavenly grace, and soon the trembling in your heart will be banished, because you must know that whoever trusts Me, acquires an inexhaustible measure of love .... In no distress of body and soul I leave you alone .... because a heart that trusts Me is strong in it's faith.  But the eternally highest, is faith .... If you can call a deep, unshakeable faith your own, then you yourself are standing much higher than the highest born man on earth.  For those who believe in Me are My children, and those who are children of God are no longer of this world ....

Receive and understand .... I want you to acquire this deep faith, I also want you to present all your worries to Me with confidence .... and I want to take these your worries from you as a father keeps all evil away from his children.  The more you trust, the further away all misfortune will be from you .... Your soul is still timid and yet stands in an excess of grace ....

Therefore, your effort to refrain from any timidity should always be to trust only your Saviour and put yourself in a state where you, deeply believing and with a joyful heart, surrender yourself to the Heavenly Father, for His care is your welfare .... and if the soul is well taken care of, then the needs of the body, which still press you, will not be felt and also of so little importance .... which you will only recognize when you have emerged from the body shell yourselves.

The Lord warns everybody against a too shallow faith .... you will feel the power of a deep faith even soon in yourselves .... you will be relieved of every pressure and every earthly heaviness when you only believe because the confidence that the Father in heaven does not leave you without help, will also make all heaviness much easier for you to bear, and so you come closer and closer to the eternal home.  Because a true faith is the basis for correct action, and through this you will surely find the way to the heavenly Father ....



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