Bertha Dudde 1891 - 1965  
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BD 0415 13.5.1938

Work of the demons ....
Love as a weapon ....
Poem ....

The demons are poisoning the land ..... They are constantly trying to gain power over the incarnated souls walking on earth.  They feel the need to transfer all the evil urges and vices they themselves indulge into the people on earth, and with all means and attempts they penetrate them .... A great power belongs to .... Self-conquest and recognition of your spiritual task to resist these demons.  But every event has it's good side .... the beings who are aware of their task, join themselves all the more intimately to their Lord and Savior ....

Earthly children living in spiritual inertia often awaken and become active and busily working on themselves as children of God, and by using all their strength they will also be able to overcome such temptations when they always turn their heart in love towards the heavenly Father.  The call of the Lord goes out to all: Be alert and pray so that you do not fall into temptation, never forget to strengthen yourselves for the fight that earthly existence means for you .... live in faith and love .... then you are already conquerors and winners in this fight because you overcome yourselves and defeat the opponent who wants to destroy you.

A little word of love, given to your neighbor, is always a weapon with which you protect yourself against all attacks of the enemy .... And if love moves you, you will never be defenseless .... this weapon breaks the strength of evil .... all evil influences are debilitated .... and you yourselves are growing an ever stronger and stronger force with which you can silence the whispers of such demons.

(In every danger, in every need, there is only one commandment for you .... let love dwell in your heart .... demons leave you, through love you fight your way up .... life on earth becomes easy for you; where ever only love is given .... there the heart is so richly considered .... Request this heavenly power.  You shall be protected always .... you are always ready to love ....)



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